Venturing the Great Canberran Outdoors

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Venturing the Great Canberran Outdoors


Canberra may be a city, but it does not deprive one of hitting the outdoors. Whether you want to swim, paddle, hike or bike, anything is possible in Canberra’s wild side. What’s great about this capital city is that amidst the hurlyburly’s of the urban lifestyle, scenic alps, bushlands and rivers balance it out. If you want to experience adventure the Canberran way, here are some activities that will not only excite you, but also provide your body with a bit of exercise.

Biking through paths

There are lots of cycling paths in Canberra. One famous path that people love to go is along Lake Burley Griffin. It has a distance of 35 kilometres and a pretty good place to strengthen those leg muscles. If you want a view with mostly trees and lush greenery, hop on a bike and try out the trail at Stromlo Forest Park. It’s a whopping 50 kilometre-path but the beautiful view takes the breath away.

Bike Riding Canberra

Horseback riding fun

Check out the outskirts of this city by trying horseback riding. People of all ages and levels can go to Burnelee Excursions on Horseback and take a two-hour ride either in the morning or afternoon. Some may opt to enjoy a whole day ride to experience the country life of Canberra.

Ride the hot air balloon

If you want a top-view of the Parliament House, why not ride a hot air balloon over the city? Try visiting during the Canberra Balloon Spectacular and see a lot of hot air balloons flying around Canberra. Experience the view from above and enjoy the city’s amazing beauty through the clouds.

Hot Air Ballooning Canberra

Go river rafting

Getting wet through the rushing rapids is one way to have a one-of-a-kind Canberran experience. Head to the Murrumbidgee River and try river rafting. An experienced tour guide will guide you along the whitewater thrills plus showing you some beautiful Australian scenery along the way. For nature lovers, there are some endemic species of wildlife spotted as you raft through the rapids.

Interact with animals

Aside from an action-packed day, having a close encounter with Canberra’s wildlife is also amazing. Interactive tours are offered at the National Zoo and Aquarium in which you can feed lions and tigers, or even pat the nose of giraffes.

Kayaking in the peaceful lakes

To have some upper body exercise, try paddling your kayak along Lake Burley Griffin. With its serene and beautiful view, one can breathe in fresh air while having fun. These water activities are fun to do during spring and summer with friends and family.

Kayaking Canberra

Hike and explore the high peaks

Namadgi National Park is a favourite among hikers and mountaineers because of the Booroomba Rocks. Some manage to do a day trip or try overnight camping up there. In winter, most people love a ski tour and just enrich their knowledge through guided walks hearing about the local stories about the vast national park.