Top Eats in Canberra

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Top Eats in Canberra

Just like any bustling city, Canberra has a fusion of different international cuisines. Different walks of life influence the people in this city and has even imported international chefs to add some spice into Canberra’s everyday menu. Almost every week, a new cafe pops up that’s why the capital city has become a foodie haven at present.

Being new to Canberra may seem difficult to try all the food in just a short time. But as they say, eat where the locals eat and for sure, you are in for a treat!

English breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day as it jumpstarts you with any activity or task at hand. In Canberra, there are a variety of cafes and restaurants that serve delicious and filling breakfast usually with bacon, sausages, eggs and hashbrowns. Fresh fruits in season are also offered together with a cup of locally brewed coffee. One famous place is Tilley’s Devine Cafe Gallery.

Food in Canberra

Asian fusion

Since Australia is technically near Asia, it is normal to see some Asian fusion food served in quaint restaurants with hanging lanterns such as Lazy Su and CBD Dumpling House . Food served is usually fresh and simple yet there are a variety of dips and sauces to taste. Dumplings, prawns, tofu and chili beef are popular on the menu. Most restaurants though offer chopsticks so it’s always a plus to know how to use one.

Food in Canberra

Fresh catch

During the summer, it is great to eat at tropical restos in Braddon. Experience eating freshly catched fish and other seafood goodies with chips. Eating seafoods in restaurants with a tropical theme adds on to that superb, gastronomical experience! Famous picks are Catch Fish and Chips, Kokomo’s and Canberra Rex Hotel.

Eating out in Canberra

Burgers and woodfired pizzas

If you are not fond of eating noodles and rice, then try some flame-grilled beef burgers topped with tomatoes, onions and lots of cheese of your choice. Fries are usually the best companions with burgers, along with some beers and shakes to wash it all down. Top choices are Mookie, Brodburger, Grease Monkey and BurgerHero.

Woodfire Pizza Camberra

Desserts and sweets

Of course, after eating a hefty meal, who would not want to sink their teeth into luscious and mouth-watering desserts, right? Canberra offers a variety of desserts that range from macarons, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, brownies, tarts, pies and ice cream. Satisfy your taste buds with locally made jams and custards from hip cafes in the city. Famous picks are Koko Black, The Flute Bakery and Ricardo’s Cafe.

Eating out in Canberra

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