Just like any bustling city, Canberra has a fusion of different international cuisines. Different walks of life influence the people in this city and has even imported international chefs to add some spice into Canberra’s everyday menu. Almost every week, a new cafe pops up that’s why the capital city has become a foodie haven at present. Being new to Canberra may seem difficult to try all the food in just a short time. But
If you plan on having a day trip around Canberra, there are tourist attractions which are worth visiting. Since Canberra is very historical, most spots speak a lot on the city’s heritage. Aside from enjoying the breathtaking places, at the end of the tour, one is well-equipped with knowledge as to how Canberra became a capital city in Australia. Lake Burley Griffin One of the most famous jewels in the city center is Lake Burley
Visiting Canberra
If Sydney and Melbourne are the top Australian cities tourists love to visit, wait until you get a dose of some Canberran experience. This capital city, in which the Parliament House is located, is a breath of fresh air because of the natural vegetation incorporated in significant areas. It is the largest inland city in Australia which has a rich culture and history worth knowing. Canberra means As experts say, the word “Canberra” was derived

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