Canberra: The Capital Territory

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Canberra: The Capital Territory

Visiting Canberra

If Sydney and Melbourne are the top Australian cities tourists love to visit, wait until you get a dose of some Canberran experience. This capital city, in which the Parliament House is located, is a breath of fresh air because of the natural vegetation incorporated in significant areas. It is the largest inland city in Australia which has a rich culture and history worth knowing.

Canberra means

As experts say, the word “Canberra” was derived from Kambera or Canberry which means a “meeting place” when speaking the Ngunnawal language. The Ngunnawal people were believed to be the first ones to populate Canberra before the white settlement. There were artifacts found in the region such as rock paintings, inhabited rock shelters, quarry sites and even burial places.

Oceanic climate

With its geographical location, Canberra may have the extremes in terms of the weather. During December to February, the entire region experience warm summers, where January is the hottest. Visiting the great outdoors is a must when in Canberra.

Great Outdoor Canberra

Autumn comes in March to May where there are usually mellow days and cool nights. The scenery on the gardens and city parks look amazing with the variety of colours.

For a great snow experience, winter in Canberra falls on the months of June to August. Snow covers the nearby alps and can be a great view during those road trips.

Spring falls during September to November where the mornings are usually fresh. The rainy season does not happen until November though compared to the rest of the country, Canberra has low rainfall.

Historic spots

Since this city is filled with ancient history, the cultural spots are a must to visit. The Woolshed Creek Geological Monument has old and intact fossils which tourists love to check out. Another popular spot is the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and Namadgi National Park. The rock art and ceremonial stone arrangements speak a lot about its Aboriginal culture.

One of the most popular is the Parliament House, where the federal parliament reside. The Museum of Australian Democracy is a must for those who want to enrich themselves with history.

For those who love the arts, the National Gallery of Australia is found in Canberra. Famous international artist James Turrell has his masterpiece installed here just recently.